Not Your Ordinary Trash Can

It is truly and honestly my pleasure to bring to you a review on the Car Garbage Bag by Drive. Perhaps one of the oddest things you have ever heard bin a while but once you read this following post I think that you to will wholeheartedly agree that this is not just any old garbage bag and it is worthy of all the praises it is about to receive in the upcoming review.

Long have I wanted a garbage bag for my car, even more so since the purchase of my brand new car last October. This might seem to most as something you just pick-up at your local walmart or such or even worst to just use a plastic bag, I however wanted something more, something perfect. When the opportunity presented itself for me to review this car garbage bag I was over the moon, had I found what I had been searching for ? was it going to be the one ? I could only hope, let me end the suspense right here and tell you yes it was perfect and it answered all my needs. Now you might ask yourself what possible needs does this girl want out of a garbage bag, especially one for a car, well let me tell you right now

  • Durability
  • Sleek
  • Reusable
  • Leak Proof
  • Versatile
  • Compact                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             These are the main ones of course but I think you get my point I did not want just any old bag I wanted something that worked but also that looked good. I am beyond happy with this garbage bag since all the above mentioned was provided for me and more. here are just a few more points that make this to me the ultimate garbage bag for your car from the company itself
  • *Hand Sewn Edges & Seams, Less Ripping, Stays Open, or Velcro Closed, Mesh Side Pouch Pocket, and a Portable Headrest Seat Attachment with quick release buckle strap to hang anywhere including door grabs, headrests, seat buckles, or shifter.                                                                                                                                                                                   In closing I cannot say enough good things about this garbage bag, it is everything you could want or never knew you wanted. It is affordable, sleek convenient and above all so very handy. I highly recommend picking one up for yourself, although I did receive this item free of charge for review purposes I 110% stand behind my review and if that wasn’t enough I use mine every single day 🙂                                            Provided for you if you so desire is a link to this item, please not I am only providing this as a courtesy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Nikko Ceramic Heater

With the winter months fast approaching us what better time to bring you a review on a ceramic heater than now. In this upcoming blog post I will be giving you an overview of this product as well as my thoughts. 

First off lets talk about the specifications and features if you prefer.


1- ” cool touch ” cabinet

2- control panel ( your heater is designed to automatically shut off when tipped forward or backwards. When returned to normal upright position, heat will automatically resume. This is a safety feature to avoid the possibility of fire should the unit de accidentally tipped over. )

3- power indicator light   ( when unit is turned On, the power indicator light will illuminate to tell you that the heater is functioning )

4- power and setting control   ( your heater includes a protection system that shuts off the heater if it overheats for any reason  )

5- thermostat control  ( This heater will automatically shut off id the inlet air duct gets obstructed and causes the unit to overheat. )


Model : Nikko 168

Voltage : 12V, 60Hz

Current : maximum continuous draw :12.5 amps ; Minimum draw : 0.2 amps ( fan only )

Output : 5200 BTU’s

Power : 1500 Watts

Turbo Fan ” multi blade; Low Noise


Now with that out of the way I can tell you all about my experience with this ceramic heater. I absolutely love it, I am a owner of a small old house with a basement and although it is quite a sturdy house the isolation in older houses is not always to par with newer construction so the use of a ceramic heater is at times very necessary. This little guy packs a punch when it comes to heating a fairly large surface area, It has provided me the heat i want without just heating one area. All the features mentioned above really make this particular model a must buy in my opinion since as most of you know not all ceramic heaters are as safe as this one and safety when using such an item is key, well at least it is for me. Although I do not believe it needs to be said and common since should prevail you should never touch the heater while in use for risk of being burned as well as you should never leave the heated on while unattended.


I really did and do enjoy using this Nikko heater and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality affordable heater to add an extra bit of warmth to their household in the colder months.

Lastly I would like to mention that I received this product  for free promotional offer, in exchange for my honest unbiased review. All opinions are my own  which I have of course provided for you all above.

For your convinience only here is the link if you would so wish to purchase this item :

ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

So I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Isa Professional ceramic flat iron so without further delay let’s just jump into the review.

First of lets us speak about the the specs of this here flat ion.

– it has tourmaline ceramic plates
– a smart automatic temperature adjust
– universal voltage
– 2 year warranty

Speaking as a girl who has gone through quite a fair share of flat irons in her day , from very inexpensive ones to very high end ones this one kinda sit in the middle for me. There are thinks I really enjoy and others that well in my opinion let to be desired.

first off lets start off with the one less desirable point for me, there are not to many but for me these really did not impress. The automatic temperature adjustment is the first thing that bothers me, lets be honest we all keep out flat iron at the highest temperature setting or at leas all the women I have know do so not being able to know what temperature it is at simply put bothers me deeply.

Now for the point that really blew me away on this flat iron. I absolutely adore the swivel effect on the cord, you cannot understand how such a small and insignificant thing such as this can make such a huge difference and impact on how effective and easy it is to use this or an flat iron, it is for lack of a better word amazing.

Overall this is in my opinion a good, not great flat iron, it is from what I can tell very well made and should at least last through the 2 year warranty but for me it is not the one pass type of performance I expect from a flat iron so in the end it sits in the middle for me.

I wish to end this review off by telling you all that I did receive this item free of charge for my honest review and although it it not the the end all be all of flat irons for me does not in any way take away from its quality or effectiveness in my books. I would suggest checking it out for yourself cause in the over-saturated market of flat irons this one is not any the bottom of any list.

Yalmeh Anti Again Serum

I am pleased to be able to review yet another Yalmeh product, to say the least the previous product blew me out of the water so I expect nothing less from any other item coming from them. before we get to it I do wish to state for the record that I did in fact receive this item free of charge for my honest review.

Yalmeh revitalize anti-ageing Serum is what I will be discussing in this blog post. This particular serum consists of 3 main or major ingredients which are

– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– HYaluronic Acid

If you happen to know anything about skin care ( for the face ) you will know that these are the 3 ingredients you want. Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance and treat fine lines and the signs of ageing, Vitamin E deeply moisturises the skin and keep it souple and Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin giving it back that youthful feel and look.This serum is in fact one you want, it is easily applied as all serums are and can be used daily and under your make-up as well once absorbed.

There is really not much else I can say about this product. I am not one who always appreciated the all in one approach but for this serum I make an exception, they really found a good balance and if you are looking for a really great serum this might be one you want to try.

180 Cosmetics Beauty Duo Box

I have had multiple opportunities to review 180 Cosmetics brand,from breast firming cream to vitamin C serums I have pretty much ran the gambit and just as I though I had seen it all here I get yet again the opportunity to try something new from them, this is my review of their pure swiss hyaluronic value pack.

This Value pack not only contains their serum + Vitamin C (which you can check out my blog post on) but also another product that I had yet to try and that is cream + peptides for face & neckline. the second item mentioned is what most of this post will be on since I have previously reviewed the serum + vitamin C but before I do as is customary in my blog post I will list for you all the claims of both there products as not to make this post too long and dull for you.


Serum + Vitamin C 

– Formulated with the highest concentration of pure swiss hyaluronic acid

  • Formulated to accelerate skin’s self repairing process
  • Preserves skin’ s elasticity and youthful tone
  • Enriched with Vitamin C for smooth supple skin
  • Nourishes skin and boosts hydration

Cream + Peptides for Face & Neckline

– Formulated with the highest quality hyaluronic acid 

  • Designed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Formulated to deliver abundant moisture and assist cell renewal ad collagen formation
  • Designed to help preserve skin’s elasticity suppleness and youthful appearance
  • Contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals

As you can see there really are no outrageous claims as some products tend to have. essentially 180 Cosmetics as with all their product wish to bring you effective ( if used as directed ) assistance if helping you stay and look useful be formulating wonderful products with the highest quality ingredients which are also as always formulated with all those nasty and harmful chemicals and genetically modified ingredients which so many others companies rely on to provide false or short lived results.

I cannot tell you al how much I love 180 cosmetics, for not only the products they provide bit also for what they stand for as a company. Weather you are i the market for one of the items I spoke of here on this post or any of the other products from a previous posts I am positive you to will enjoy these very high quality and effective products.

Please note that I did in fact receive these products free of charge for my honest review and opinion which I have provided for you in the above post.



Thermo Future Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

With this upcoming review you will kinda get a throwback to my reviewing roots or more so to reviewing what I love and that is lesser known or thought of but quite useful and handy items that we perhaps put off purchasing but could all benefit from. The product that I am reviewing today is Thermo Future’s long range wireless meat thermometer and yes I did in fact receive this item free of charge for my honest review and opinion.

First off let me start off by listing as I like to do the key features of this thermometer

– Manual set target temperature
– Temperature Alarm
– Temperature display in F/C ( fereinheight & celcius )
– Count up/down timer
– RF wireless temperature

As you can probably tell this is not just your average run of the mill meat thermometer that give you the simplest of reading such as done raw, done or overdone but more so give you a very detailed and accurate reading of whatever meat you may be cooking weather it be poultry, beef, pork or lamb for that matter.

Now let talk about the thermometer itself, it comes with its own charging base to which the prong style tester can be plugged into. The handheld display part of the thermometer ( that can of course can rest on the base ) will in tun give you a very detailed and accurate reading of whatever it is you many be cooking or as stated above can also be uses as a timer and will measure the temperature in either F or C. It is of course suggested to not put the display part anywhere near a heat source higher that 250C but to me that is common sense, since it is only the reader and not the thermometer.

Overall this is quite a great meat thermometer, definitely much more accurate and reliable than any others I have tried over the years. If you are a person who always struggles with getting the ” cook ” you desire on you meats whether it be poultry or fish this just might be what you are looking for. I should also note that this particular thermometer does come with a full 1 year guarantee which for a meat thermometer is quite unheard off.

Bar Brat’s Instant Wine Aerator

I am beyond pleased to provide you with yet another review for a bar Brat product. Yes I did receive this product free of charge for my honest review which as always I will be providing for you. I have as mentioned dealt with this company before so might I just take a moment to tell you all that above the fact that there product( spoiler alert ) is amazing and wonderful the company Bar brat is always a pleasure to deal with so if you are by chance in the market for a wine aerator I would highly suggest Bar brat. Now on to the review.

What is a wine aerator exactly ? you may be asking yourself, well quite simply put it is a tool that allows your wine to ” breath ” as it where or a better word be aerated. Most everyone knows that for wine to be at it< s optimum flavour you should let it breath but lets be honest most do not bother because the only way to let it breath previously was using a decanter, you know these very fancy, beautiful objects that we all have tucked away somewhere and never take out to use because they are en-cumbersome as well as a pain to clean. Now you can avoid all that hassle but simply using Bar Brat's wine aerator, a simple gadget that you insert in the wine bottle opening. It could not be easier, simple insert the pour sport / aerator in your wine bottle and let it do it's magic. There is really nothing more to it and if that seems to easy it is because it is.

There truly is nothing more I can say about this nifty little tool. It is sleek, classic and functional, everything I want from a product, not yo mention very reasonably priced. I am positive that if you purchase this wine aerator you will not only be satisfied but you will be enjoying your bottle of wine much more weather it be on occasion or more frequently.

For your convenience I have included below the link where you can purchase this amazing little tool that I believe every wine drinker should own.

Oz-mazing Body Souffle

I am back to review yet again another product by Oz naturals, this time I have the pleasure of reviewing what they are calling a nourishing soufflé, but for the sake of this post I will be referring to it as a body lotion.

I am not the biggest fan of body lotions, creams, soufflés or anything under that family but I am however a very big fan of Oz naturals so I was quite happy to have received this product for review purposes. The lotion as it were is like all the other Oz naturals products, cruelty free, 70 % organic and made in the U.S.A.

The main ingredients in this lotion are as follows
– Organic Aloe Vera
– Organic Green Tea
– Shea Butter & B5
as well as a slew of other wonderful ingredients such as olive & jojoba oil each of them with their own set of specific benefits.

The texture of this soufflé as it were is right up my alley , I would describe it as rich, thick and luxurious. The lotion / cream absorbs very quickly does not leave you feeling greasy at all and keeps you feeling moisturised throughout the day.

I really cannot say enough good things about this cream but if you do not believe me or think it is to good to be true lust give it a try and you to shall see why I am singing it’s praises.

I did receive this product free of change for my honest review which I have provided for you above.

Premium Non-Alcoholic Beer Sampler

Today’s review id all about some non alcoholic beverages that I did in fact receive free for my honest opinion and review so if you are ready here it is.

first off let me say that I received 4 different beverages to taste and they were as follows.

The first one I wish to speak of was really the only true beer of the 4 and it was called Texas select, The beer itself tasted like any other beer such as a a Coors for example, it was ok and if I happened upon it again I would not disregard it.

The second one I tried was a sparkling cider called Spirit Tree, Usually I am not a fan of such things but for the sake of this review I opened it up and gave it a go. To my surprise this cider was absolutely delicious and I would absolutely purchase it again if I could get my hands on it. Out of all four that I tried in this sampler this is the stand out.

The third one I tasted happens to be a malt beverage called 120, not reading this before hand allows me to tell you that this is not for me. Unless you like or have tried a malt liquor before you will most likely not enjoy this one, However having once before sampled a malt beverage I can say that the flavour profile was exactly as it alcoholic counterpart.

The last one of the 4 I sampled was called Sagres and this was a Belgium beer/ale, it was dark and if I had to use but one work to describe the flavour it would be molasses, not horrible but definitely not an every day kinda beer. if you however a lover of micro brews or just simply someone you like different flavour profiles you just might enjoy this one.

Overall it was quite fun trying out all these ” Non-Alcoholic ” beverages and although I did not love them all I could and did find something good in all of them. I was quite blown away by the sparkling cider despite never once liking any and the Texas Select is a great alternative if you are looking for a low-alcoholic alternative. the two other as mentioned were not in my wheelhouse flavour wise but that is just a question of taste and in no way reflects on the quality of theses products.




Arkay Moktails

I am back at it and this time I have the opportunity to blog about some Mocktails, sent to me free of charge for my honest review and opinion.

For most mocktails are not something we tend to gravitate since we all tend to go for the real deal and just have the alcoholic version but I am here to tell you a few reasons why this can be a good option or alternative to it’s alcoholic counterpart.

First reason is if you are pregnant or expecting, a second reason would be if you are a designated driver lastly uf you are an alcoholic this could be an alternative when at a party or even you might be attending.

Now that we have the reasons for getting some mocktails here us what I receive to try out and give my opinion on. First is non-alcoholic gin this gin is not for taking shots or drinking all alone on ice o’er say but more so to be used to make drinks and the second one I received is lemoncello which I also do not recommend drinking on its on but if you must it is much better than the gin. These 2 can be used together to create a drink which I will list below for you all. I did make it and although not my favorite I must say for a non-alcoholic drink it ain’t half bad.

My opinion on these mocktails is as it was before I ever tried one. There are a great idea and alternative for all the people wanting to indulge in cocktails without the alcohol content. I I recommend ? Yes will I be purchasing more ? Not likely but with that being said I do not purchase their alcoholic counterparts either.